12 Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2023 For Your Blog

Are you guys searching for the best Google AdSense alternatives in 2023 for your blog? Many bloggers use AdSense alternatives with Google AdSense for additional revenue sources and some bloggers use AdSense alternatives because they earn more as compared to Google AdSense.

Earlier, I had published a blog post on how to boost AdSense earnings in 2023, which you can read to increase your Google AdSense earnings in 2023.

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We use Google AdSense to show advertisements on our blog and earn money. Currently, there are millions of websites using Google AdSense to monetize. For example, you can see how KeneFi is using only Google Adsense to earn money from their blog. Google has a monopoly in the advertising market.

Google AdSense only share 68% of revenue with the publisher and keeps 32% itself. Some people think this revenue share model is not fair and some think they are not getting the proper amount for their efforts on the blog. Some bloggers complain their website traffic value is more than Google AdSense pays them. If you have some kind of thinking or you think you can earn more than Google AdSense then you should try these Google AdSense alternatives in 2023.

Today, in this blog post I will share a list of the best Google AdSense alternatives in 2023. After reading this blog post you will find the best AdSense alternatives for websites and earn more. To know more about these Google AdSense alternatives and find which are the high-paying AdSense alternatives read this blog post completely.

Why use Adsense alternatives?

You are earning well with Google Adsense, so you may think why we need Adsense alternatives. Well, there are some disadvantages to Google Adsense that make it unsuitable for certain blog sites.

Eligibility requirement:- Many ad networks like Adsense etc have certain requirements before your blog can be accepted. Adsense needs time for approval, website traffic etc. There are some ad networks where your joining request will be accepted instantly. Some blogs don’t fulfil Adsense requirements policy so they use Adsense alternatives to monetize their blog.

Additional revenue:- Well, we work on blogs to make money online. So why do we depend on only Adsense when you can generate additional revenue with other ad networks. You can use Adsense alternative ads with Adsense ads and earn more.

Minimum payout:- Minimum payout is also a reason for some bloggers they choose Adsense alternatives. You need to earn at least 100 USD to receive payment from Google Adsense. And there are some ad networks which has a minimum payout of only 5 USD. Many bloggers run many small blogs and they use these Adsense alternatives.

Revenue share:- Revenue share is a big reason why bloggers choose Adsense alternatives over Google Adsense. Google share 68% revenue with bloggers and keeps 32% with it. Also, there are some ad networks which share up to 90% of revenue with the publishers. There are some high paying Adsense alternatives where you can earn more with the same website traffic.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

1. Ezoic

Ezoic home page

Ezoic is the best alternative of Google Adsense if you have a medium size blog and decent traffic on it. Ezoic is not ad network, it works like an aggregator. Ezoic has partnered with many ad networks like Adsense etc. And Ezoic always shows high paying ads on your blog. You can use Google Adsense with Ezoic, you have to just activate mediation. Ad networks on Ezoic will compete and high paying ads will be shown on your website. Ezoic will definitely help you to boost your revenue.

I am also using Ezoic on my blog for the last 2 years and I am happy with Ezoic’s services. If need help then you can contact the Ezoic support team via Livechat and a support ticket which is missing in Google Adsense. The minimum payout threshold is $100 and you can receive payment via Payoneer, Paypal and bank transfer.

2. Media.net

Media.net Adsense alternative

Media.net is a high paying Adsense alternative you can use on your blog and increase earnings. Media.net ad network is suitable for those blogs which have the majority traffic from western countries. With Media.net you can double your revenue from your blogs. You can use Media.net ads with Google Adsense ads at the same time and earn from two sides. The minimum payout of media.net is $100 and you can receive payment through Payoneer.

Media.net ads are not suitable for non-English blogs and if your majority traffic is not from tier 1 countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia. I was using media.net ads on this website and earning just 1/2 of Adsense earnings. My majority of website traffic is from India. You can use media.net with Adsense for additional revenue earnings. You can consider Media.net as a Google Adsense alternatives if the majority of traffic of your blog is from tier 1 countries and the content is in English language. Media.net takes time up to one week for approval.

3. AdThrive

AdThrive home page

If you are looking for a super premium Google Adsense alternative then AdThrive can be a good choice for you. AdThrive is a super premium ad network which will increase your website revenue definitely.

Your blogs should have more than 100K page views per month to join AdThrive ad network. And majority website traffic should be from tier 1 countries like UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Minimum payout threshold of AdThrive is only $100 and there are various payment options you can choose. AdThrive can be considered as an Adsense alternative who has high website traffic and majority audiance is from tier-one countries.

4. Mediavine

Mediavine ad network

Mediavine is a premium ad network and you can consider it as an Adsense alternative in 2023. It is a premium ad network and Mediavine has high eligibility requirement criteria. But Mediavine will definitely increase earnings of your blog.

Your blog should have more than 50K page views per month and majority traffic should be from tier-one countries to join Mediavine ad network.

Minimum payout threshold of Mediavine ad network is $100 and multiple payment option is available. You will receive payment from Mediavine every month. If you think your blog is eligible nad fulfill eligibility criteria then apply for Mediavine ad network.

5. Setupad

Setupad ad network

Setupad is a super premium ad network and you can definitely increase your earnings with Setupad ads. But your blogs should have millions of traffic with quality content to be eligible to join Setupad ad network.

Setupad is a Google Adsense certified partner, you can use Setupad ads with Google Adsense too for additional revenue.

With Setupad you will get a personal account manager who will help you always. Minimum payout threshold is 100 and you can receive payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

Setupad requires more than 75000 page views per month on your blog which is a very high criteria. Setupad can be a good Adsense alternative for whose who has big websites like news website etc.

6. AA Ads

AA Ads crypto & bitcoin advertising network

You can consider A-A ads as an Adsense alternative if your blog has content related to finance, blockchain, NFT and crypto etc. With AA ads you will earn free Bitcoin and then transfer it to your bank account. Basically, with A-A ad network you will get paid through Bitcoin. A-A ads has very low payout threshold. And you don’t need any approval to use A-A ads, you have to just put your website URL then copy ad code and paste on your website. Thats it you will start earning. There is no eligibility criteria to use a-a ads. You can transfer this Bitcoin amount to a wallet and then transfer to your bank account very easily.

You can use a-a ads on any niche blogs but I would say this ad network will pay high on cryptocurrency, NFT and financial niches. A-A ad network shows ads related to crypto, faucet, blockchain etc. You can consider A-A ads as the best Adsense alternative for website if your blog has content related to Bitcoin, NFT and blockchain etc.

7. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping ads

Amazon native shopping ads can be considered as an AdSense alternative in 2023. Amazon native shopping ad is suitable for top pics & review websites. And if your website is based on Amazon affiliate then this native ads are thr best choice for you.

To use Amazon native shopping ada first you need to create an Amazon affiliate account and then create ad code. Amazon native shopping ads shows only Amazon products so this may be unsuitable for some bloggers. If your blog content is based on product listing, product reviews etc. then Amazon ads are suitable for you. Minimum payout threshold is only $100 and you will receive payment every month via bank transfer or PayPal. Currently, in January 2023 Amazon native shopping ad is live only in United States, I hope it will start serving in other countries very soon.

8. Taboola

Taboola ad network

Taboola is a huge ad network and many news websites are using Taboola ads. The problem with Taboola is sometimes they show very distubing and spammy ads on your website which will create a bad user experience.

Taboola ads are suitable for all websites but your website should have more than 30K page views per month to join Taboola ad network.

The minimum payout threshold of Taboola is only $100 and various payment options are available. Taboola is the best for news website as it has huge traffic.

9. AdsTera

Adsterra ad network

Adsterra is one of the best ad network for movie downloading website. But Adsterra always shows gambling & spammy ads on your blog which will create bad user experience. You can consider Adsterra as an AdSense alternative instant approval. If your blog is not getting AdSense approval, your blog has downloading contents then only use Adsterra ads.

Don’t use Adsterra ads on good blogs unless it will impact your user experience very badly.

Minimum payout threshold of Adsterra is only $20 and you can receive payment via PayPal.

10. infolinks

Infolinks ad network

Infolink is one of the best ad network for beginners. Your account will be approved instantly. You don’t need any manual review to use infolinks. You can start showing infolinks ads on your website instantly after creating account. Infolink has no special eligibilty criteria. You can use Infolink ads if your blog has few content and low traffic. Infolink is onew of the best Adsense alternatives for beginner bloggers.

Minimum payout threshold of Infolink is only 45 and you can receive payment via PayPal and bank transfer.

Some infolink ads are spammy and it may impact user experience of your blog negatively. AS per my experience you will earn 1/3 of Adsense will infolinks.

If you are not getting Adsense approval, your website has downloading contents then only you should go with Infolink ad network.

11. SHE Media

SHE Media ad network

You can consider SHE Media ad network as one of the best Adsense alternatives in 2023 if your blog has content related to females.If your blog has content related to SHE and majority readers are female then SHE media ad network is the best choice for your blog.

SHE media ads does not have any special eligibility criteria. Every website can use SHEmedia ads but it is suitable for blogs which has content related to female.

The minimum payout threshold of SHEmedia ad network is $100.

12. Propeller ads


Propeller ad network is an AdSense alternative instant approval. Your propeller ad account will be approved instantly. Propeller ads shows spammy and gambling ads on your website which may impact user experience negatively.

Minimum payout threshold of propeller ads is only $5 and you can receive payment via PayPal.

If you are not getting AdSense approval on your website or your website has downloading content then only you should use Propellerads. Don’t use Propeller ads on good website as it creates bad user experience by showing spammy ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best Adsense alternative for Indian traffic?

    There are many ad networks like Adpushup, Propeller ads, Adsterra, Setupad and Ezoic etc you can use for your blog. But I would say Ezoic is the best Adsense alternative for Indian traffic.

  2. Which is the high paying Adsense alternative?

    Adsthrive, Mediavine and Media.net are the high paying Adsense alternatives you can consider. But these ad networks have high traffic requirements eligibility. You can use Ezoic which will also help you to increase the revenue of your blog.

  3. Which are the best Google Adsense alternatives for YouTube?

    You need to understand that Adsense and YouTube are the products of Google. So there are no alternative ad networks for YouTube. But you can join MCM an Adsense alternative for YouTube. Every MCM has a different payout cycle, although MCM help you to manage your YouTube channel.

  4. Which is the best Adsense alternative for bloggers in 2023?

    There are many Adsense alternatives for bloggers in 2023. But you have to find which is the best suitable ad network for your blog.


There are people who search for the best Adsense alternative, best Adsense alternative for Indian traffic, high paying Adsense alternative and best Google Adsense alternative for blogs etc. You should know that others can’t decide which is the best alternative to Adsense for your blog.

I have shared a list of the best Google Adsense alternatives and you to find out which is the best alternative to Adsense for your blog. You have to try these and find out the best one for you.

I would suggest you go with Ezoic, it will definitely help you to boost yours with the same website traffic. Ezoic is the best choice for Adsense alternatives.

Thank you for reading this blog post completely, I hope this was helpful for you to choose the best Google Adsense alternative in 2023. Kindly share it with others on your social media.

Hey, I am Keshab Chandra Behera an Indian Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and YouTube Personality based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

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