5 Best SEO Tips To Boost Your Ranking in SERP in 2023

Most people are pretty clear that SEO is very important and especially if you are willing to rank higher on SERPs. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is all about focusing on some factors that are important for the audience and the search engines. There are mainly two categories of SEO i.e., on-page and off-page but both are really important and related to your blog’s ranking.

We can say that there are many tips and tricks that can help your SEO to make your content or blog successful. But how can we follow these tips?
Make it clear that following these tips is easy and all it needs is your attention and concentration and then you are all set to rank. It would be better to see these tips and prepare a strategy to make these trips happen, let’s begin.

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What are SERPs?

First of all, discussing SERPs is very important as many people may be unaware of this and that’s why we are going to discuss it. SERP stands for search engine result page and it refers to showing the organic search results and search engine’s paid advertisements.

There are many more things that you can see on the search engine’s result page like graphs, featured images, and many more things.
The simplest concept is, what you type in the search bar, SERPs are dedicated to showing you the relevant results. We are pretty sure that you are now cleared about the concept of the search engine results page, now
let’s get towards the tips to rank on these SERPs.

Useful tips to boost the ranking

As we mentioned above all the required or necessary information about the search engine results on the page must be cleared now. So, there are some tips that can help you boost your ranking and make you visible on the search engines and that’s why these tips are important. After following these tips, you can check da of your site, you’ll surely be impressed and we are writing this guide after having a personal experience.

Let’s have a look at all these tips.

1. Use plagiarism-free content

Most people already know the importance of using plagiarism-free content and it is not wrong to say that uniqueness is very important for rankings.

After checking the plagiarism, you can simply remove them by changing the words or phrases of a plagiarized text. There is the only option of checking plagiarism or uniqueness in your content and that is using a plagiarism checker.

It is not wrong to say that plagiarism checkers are specifically designed to check the uniqueness of the content.

Sometimes, we got a plague unintentionally, and plagiarism checkers will indeed highlight the plagiarized content and then you can remove it or change it.

2. Upload relevant content

If you are willing to gain the audience’s trust, you need to be relevant. You must give the information required by the reader. And avoid giving some irrelevant facts and figures which are not present in what you are offering.

In simple words, if you are selling a bicycle then you need to add features related to bicycles and avoid fictional information. And that’s the only way to be relevant and it is really necessary for your audience and search engines as well.

It is not wrong to say that whether you are running a blogging site or sharing content for any other purpose, you need to keep the relevancy in focus.

3. Regularly update the content

It can be a good impression on your readers and search engines when you update your published content regularly. Search engines can determine that you are passionate about your work and you need to grow so, they help you in all this. But when you do not do anything to your published content, it can be a bad option, and ranking higher can be difficult then.

But things are not over on updating published content but you need to post something new on your blog or website.

The best way is, you can schedule your uploading like you can declare the uploading period. 

4. Focus on readability

When we mention readability, we are about to be concerned about the complexity or user-friendly content. If you are posting easy-to-understand content then it can help you in ranking higher but if you are using complex content then it can be hard. But when you focus on readability, never underestimate the uniqueness of your content, it must be unique.

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5. Focus on metadata

Metadata is used to tell your readers what you are going to discuss in your content like you need to add a meta title. If you talk about the title metadata of your content, it is something used to tell the audience what you are writing about. And it is not only important for the audience but it can be very important if you are willing to make yourself visible on the SERPs.

Then there is the simplest example that is description metadata and it is also very important to add a short description of your content. It is also very helpful for search engines and for the audience too. So, it must be focused.


As it is mentioned above that SEO is all about a strategy on how to rank a blog or content as well. It is pretty clear that when you are following any strategy, it depends on many factors and you need to be focused on these factors.

If you miss any single factor, you can be failing and by keeping this in focus, we have written this guide for you.

You can have a look above and enjoy ranking your blog higher on SERPs just by following these few steps.

Hey, I am Keshab Chandra Behera an Indian Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and YouTube Personality based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

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