ClickWhale Review 2023: An All-In-One Link Management Tool For WordPress

ClickWhale, An All In One link management tool for WordPress, ClickWhale is a perfect alternative of Prettylink in 2023. This ClickWhale Review will be very informative for you to know about it’s features, and charges, etc.

In this ClickWhale review I will try my best to share useful informations about this link management tools, it’s features, charges and hiw to setup it., so kindly read this blog post completely.


ClickWhale is a all in one link management tool for WordPress. It’s loaded with many useful link management features and will definitely help you to manage links on your WordPress website. You can use it for affiliate link management and it has link page feature though which you can use it as Linktree alternative and create your own custom pages with your website domain name. You can also migrate your old link management plugin data. ClickWhale has both free plans and paid plans.

Key Features of ClickWhale

  • Creation on Link Pages
  • Category creation option
  • Free migration from old plugin
  • Link Retargeting
  • Tracking options with Google Analytics & Facebook Analytics
  • Team Collaboration

How To Use ClickWhale

Below, I am sharing how to use this link management tool, how to add links, how to create categories, how to build link pages, configuration, tracking setup and how to migrate data from old plugins.

Adding Links

After successfully installing the plugin you can see ClickWhale option on the left side of your WordPress control panel. Click on add links, then you can add links and choose category etc. Adding links on ClickWhale plugin is very easy.

Creating Categories

You can categorize links for easy management, you just need to visit plugin page and click on create category, Once you create categories and can find option to choose while adding links. Category will be helpful to find specific links. Although generally every link management plugin has this category option, it’s very useful for you.

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Building Link Pages

Link Pages feature is a very unique and useful feature of ClickWhale, generally WordPress link management plugins don’t have this feature. Link page feature is link Linktree, you can add some links in a single page with your own website domain name and you can customize it’s colours etc. You can connect it to social media channels, It’s one of the best feature of ClickWhale I liked the most. It will be helpful for you to groww your audience and your conversion ratio will improve.

ClickWhale Link Pages

Configuration of Tracking

Click-tracking of ClickWhale capability assists you in assessing link performance through comprehensive click statistics, offering valuable insights into link activity that inform decisions about their online presence.

ClickWhale provides a range of configuration options and tracking features, allowing you to effortlessly integrate tracking codes from services such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel without the need to edit their website’s code.

Tracking Options

You can use ClickWhale’s analytics dashboard to track click, conversations and other metrics for each of your links. You can see which links are performing well and which links need improvement. This helps us to identify trends and make data driven decisions about your content and promotion strategy.

ClickWhale Tracking Code

Link Retargeting

Sometimes users click on our affiliate link but don’t make the transaction. To re-engage these potential readersabd customers, you can add retargeting pixels to your links using ClickWhale’s link retargeting feature.

Team Collaboration

When our content creation business grows, we need team to maintain online presence and grow business. You can invite your team members to collaborate on ClickWhale, assigning them different permission based on their roles. This ensures a smooth workflow and allows the team to work together on link management and optimization. By using ClickWhale you can improve your online presence, make data driven decision and increase engagement and conversions for your content and affiliate products.

Migration & Reset

ClickWhale has very easy migration feature, when you install this WordPress plugin it will automatically detect if you have any other active link management plugin on your website or not. If you are using any plugin ti manage links then it will show you migration options.

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First you need to choose what you want to migrate, just click on those, below image you can see I have clicked on categories & links. You have to click and choose.

Then click on start migration button, within minutes migration process will be completed you now you can uninstall your old plugin and start using ClickWhale for easy WordPress link management.

ClickWhale Migration

A/B Testing

if you want to determine if changing the anchor text for your affiliate links will impact the click-through rate (CTR). You can use ClickWhale’s A/B testing feature to test two different versions of your links, each with different anchor texts. After analyzing the results, you can find that the link with the anchor text “Get 10% Off coupon” performs better than the link with the anchor text “Buy Now”

ClickWhale Pricing

ClickWhale has very simple and transparent pricing but it may be slightly expensive for new beginners. You can go for 10 sites plan which is very affordable, $199 for one your for 10 websites you will also receive updates for one year. Below I have attached a screenshot of their pricing page you can check.

ClickWhale Pricing

Free vs Pro Plans

Below, I have added a screenshot where you can check what are the difference between free plan and pro plan. Many useful features like Link manager, Link pages, tracking codes are available in free plans. Free plan is sufficient for new beginners. And pro plan has many more useful and unique features you can use by paying.

ClickWhale Free vs Pro

Refund Policy

ClickWhale has 30-day refund policy, if you are not satisfied with their service or you don’t like their tool then you can get full refund within 30 days. You just need to raise a ticket for refund and their team will refund your 100% payment after cancelling your plans.

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ClickWhale’s Support and Community

Customer support and a thriving user community are essential aspects of any WordPress plugin. ClickWhale understands this and provides robust support options for its users.

  1. Knowledge Base: ClickWhale maintains an extensive knowledge base with articles and tutorials covering various aspects of the plugin. You can find answers to common questions and learn how to make the most use of ClickWhale’s features.
  2. Email Support: ClickWhale typically offers email support to address more specific or technical inquiries. You can reach out to the support team for personalized assistance.
  3. Community Forums: Many WordPress plugins, including ClickWhale, have a dedicated community forums where users like us can ask questions, share experiences, and collaborate with others facing similar challenges. These forums can be an excellent resource for troubleshooting and learning from the experiences of other users.


What are ClickWhale’s pricing and plans?

ClickWhale has a wide range of subscription options, including yearly and lifetime plans. The yearly plans cater to 1 website, 3 websites, and 10 websites, while the lifetime plans offer choices for 1 website, 3 websites, and 20 websites. Additionally, all plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is ClickWhale suitable for WordPress users?

Yes, ClickWhale serves as a superb link management solution tailored for WordPress users. It simplifies link management and organization in the WordPress ecosystem, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

What is Link Page Customization, and why is it valuable?

ClickWhale’s Link Page Customization gives us the ability to create unique landing pages for their links, delivering significant benefits to content creators and marketers. This functionality enables you to share multiple pieces of content through a single link while obtaining valuable insights into the performance of their links. This is like Linktree, but here link pages will be created on your website domain name.

How does ClickWhale help with link shortening?

ClickWhale simplifies the URL shortening process, Links are more readable and user-friendly. You can create custom URL slugs, add link categories, and can add UTM parameters etc.


ClickWhale is a feature-rich link management tool for WordPress that offers a wide range of benefits to website owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers, e-commerce businesses, agencies, and digital marketing professionals. With its link shortening and cloaking, tracking and analytics, geotargeting and device targeting, and custom 404 pages, ClickWhale empowers you to take control of your website’s links, enhance the user experience, improve SEO performance, and optimize monetization efforts.

In 2023 and beyond, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, effective link management is essential for online success. ClickWhale stands as a comprehensive solution in this regard, offering a user-friendly interface, advanced features, and pricing plans that cater to a range of user needs.

Whether you’re just getting started with your website or looking to level up link management on your WordPress website, ClickWhale is a tool you can consider for link management. By taking advantage of its features and benefits, you can navigate the digital waters with confidence and sail towards a more successful online presence.

So, ClickWhale is one of the best easy to use link management tool for WordPress, it has very easy setup and the good part is you can migrate data from old plugin. So I would recommend you to go for ClickWhale WordPress link management plugin for easy link management. You can first use their free plans and then upgrade to paid plans if you like their services.

Thank you for reading this blog post till the end, I hope this ClickWhale review was helpful for you to know about this WordPress link management tool, how to use it and it’s benefit. Please do share this blog post with others on your social media. If you have any doubts, questions,s or queries related to Blogging, Affiliate marketing, or SEO you can share them with other Bloggers on our Facebook group and Telegram group.

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