Cuelinks Affiliate Network – Best Choice of Indian Bloggers in 2023

Cuelinks the most trusted Indian affiliate network used by many popular Indian bloggers. Cuelinks is the best affiliate network to start affiliate marketing easily in 2023.

Are you searching for a trusted and reliable affiliate network to start affiliate marketing easily in India? Be with be till the end I will share a trusted affiliate network of India and it is used by many Indian Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers.

Yes, guys, it is Cuelinks Affiliate Network on of the most trusted affiliate network in India. With Cuelinks you can join more than 600+ affiliate programs and earn more money online in India. In this article, I will share all details Cuelinks Affiliate Network.

Benefits of Cuelinks Affiliate Network

  • A fast account approval process
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold is only Rs.500
  • 25% Referral fees for 3 months
  • More than 600+ advertisers
  • Most of the advertisers are pre-approved
  • They have a chrome extension and a WordPress plugin to help publishers
  • Cuelinks, Cuewords, Cuewidgets, Cueapps

What is Cuelinks Affiliate Network?

Cuelinks is an affiliate network like Admitad, Commission Junction (CJ), Impact Radius etc. means it is network of affiliate programs. Cuelinks is an Indian affiliate network and it is trusted by many Indian Bloggers. Cuelinks Affiliate Network is the best choice for some Bloggers & YouTubers to join some affiliate programs like Ajio Affiliate, Myntra affiliate etc.

Joining Cuelinks Affiliate Network in 2023 is very easy and you will get approval within 24 hours if you provide authentic requied infomation.

You can join Amazon Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program, Myntra affiliate program and many other affiliate programs with the help of Cuelinks affiliate network. Good thing about this affiliate network is you don,t need aproval from affiliate program (advertisers) but some programs need approval, means once your Cuelinks account is approved you will be able to promote Amazon, Flipkart and more online stores without any approval (they are pre-approved). But some specific affiliate pogram need approval means you need appoval from the affiliate program (advertiser) to promote them.

How To Create Account on Cuelinks Affiliate Network

Creating an account on Cuelinks is very easy, You have to provide your basic details & information required by Cuelinks and will get approval within 24 hours.

Once your account is approved you will be able to join many affiliate programs like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra & Ajio etc. available on Cuelinks.

What is required to create account on Cuelinks

Some basic details of you, an eligible traffic source (website or social media) where you will promote and a bank account is requied to join Cuelinks affiliate network in 2023. These details are required to create an account.

  • Name, Email, Mobile number
  • Traffic source (website or social media)
  • Bank account
  • PAN card
How To create account on Cuelinks

You need to visite Cuelinks website and create an account by proving the required information.

Which Affiliate Programs You Can join on Cuelinks

More than 600 advertisers (affiliate program) are active on Cuelinks Affiliate Network means you can join many affiliate program by joining Cuelinks Affiliate Network.

Remember, we are Publishers who promote affiliate products and earn money online and affiliate programs like Flipkart affiliate, Amazon aaafiliate are advertisers on Cuelinks who advertise their products or services through Cuelinks.

Amazon on Cuelinks is an advertiser who advertise on Cuelinks and we are the Publishers who promote affiliate products (like Amazon, Flipkart) on ou website and make money online. Cuelinks is an affiliate network works just like a mediator between Publishes & Advertises.

You can join more than 600 affiliate programs on Cuelinks Affiliate Network. Many popular online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra are available on Cuelinks Affiliate Network, below I have mentioned some of them.

  • Amazon India
  • Amazon SG
  • Adidas
  • Adobe
  • Amazon Prime
  • Asianpaints
  • Beardo
  • Bewakoof
  • Bluehost
  • Boat
  • Cadbury
  • Cleartrip
  • CRED
  • Dominos
  • Goibibo
  • GreenGeeks
  • Flipkart
  • AirAsia
  • Limeroad
  • Shopclues
  • PayTM
  • Bigrock
  • Namecheap
  • TATA Cliq
  • Pepperfry
  • Curefit
  • Make my trip
  • Mama Earth
  • McAfee
  • Medlife
  • Reebok
  • Swiggy
  • Udemy

and many more, you can check on their website.

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How To Check Affiliate Commission

First you need to sign up on Cuelinks to check affiliate commission fees of any advertise (affiliate program) available on it. Some digital product selling advertisers are paying upto 60% affiliate fees to the publishers. Affiliate commission fees differ from advertisers to advertiser and all advertisers has different affiliate commission structure, you can check commission structure (affiliate fee) of any advertise very easily.

How To Check Affiliate Commission on Cuelinks

To check commission structure of any affiliate program like Amazon on Cuelinks first log in to your account, click on left side menu then click on Campaign Explorer and search which store’s commission you want to check, there you can check full affiliate commission structure of that particular advertiser (affiliate program).

How To Join An Affiliate Program

To join any affiliate program on Cuelinks Affiliate Network first you need to create an account get approval. Once your account is approved you can join any affiliate program and start promoting. Some affiliate program you don’t need approval you can promote their products instantly and earn money while other advertisers need approval.

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To join any affiliate program on Cuelinks affiliate network, the first log in to your account, click on left side menu then click on Campaign Explorer and search which affiliate program you want to join.

Here you can check if this advertiser need approval or not and you can also check affiliate commission structure. If the store don’t need approval to promote you can promote their products or services instantly. And if the advertise need approval to promote then you can apply here and they will revert back very soon. Once the advertiser approve your request you can promote their product & services and earn money online in 2023.

How To Generate Affiliate Links

Once your Cuelinks account is approved and got approval from the affiliate program (advertiser) you will be able to generate affiliate link of their product & service and earn money on every successful sale via your link.

How to generate affiliate links on Cuelinks

To create an affiliate link of a product/service or page first copy that link to clipboard. Log in to your Cuelinks account, click on left side menu then click on Campaign Explorer and search the advertise you want to promote, here you have to paste the link and click on generate link.

Your affiliate link is generated, share this link and earn money from Cuelinks. Here you will get a long URL you can make it short by clicking on Shorten URL button.

Try to avoid using link shortners like, etc because that will create problem for you since Cuelinks will will not be able to track the traffic source and you account may be suspended.

How Much You Can Earn Fom Cuelinks

Well, making money from Cuelinks is very easy, just create account and start promoting once your account is approved. There is no limit on earning, you can earn more as much you can. The affiliate commission is paid by the advertiser. You have to promote more store to earn more. you can also increase your revenue with Cuelinks referral program. If someone joins using your referral link you will receive 25% of how much they earn from Cuelinks for 3 months.

How To Check Earnings

Cuelinks send daily summary reports including transaction and total earning via email. You can also check your earnings on Cuelinks website, first visit website and login to your account then click on leftside menu and click on reports.

To see your performance, transaction etc click on earning tab. Here you can see your reports of earning, you can view earning report of the last 7 days, last 30days or any duration by changing dates. I have explained some terms below.

Payable means it is confirmed and it will be transferred to your bank account once you reach a minimum threshold limit.

Validated means this amount is validated (return period is over) and it will be added to payable balance very soon.

Pending amount means this amount is just credited to your account after sale is counted. This amount will be validated after return date is over.

Rejected amount means this amount is rejected by the advertiser. The user has returned or cancelled that order so this amount is rejected and you will not receive this amount.

How To Withdraw from Cuelinks

To withdraw money from Cuelinks Affiliate Network to your bank account you need to earn a minimum of 500 rupees affiliate fees in your account. To add bank account first visit website and login to your account then click on the account tab and then click on my payments details. Here you can add your bank account details and PAN card. Yes, PAN card is mandatory to receive payments from Cuelinks Affiliate Network. The minimum withdrawal threshold of Cuelinks in 2023 is only 500 rupees.

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How To Start A Coupons & Deals Website

You can make a coupons & deals site on Blogger or WordPress very easily by watching videos on YouTube, then you have to customize that coupon site as per your requirements & choice. Coupons & deals website has huge potential to generate income in 2023.

You can start A Coupon website on both WordPress & Blogger but you should go with WordPress only because it has many customization options which will help you to earn more.

A big problem for Coupons & deals website is finding new coupons, deals, promo codes and offers daily, to solve this problem Join Cuelinks Telegram channel and email newsletter and they will send news fresh coupons, deals every day. You have to update these new deals, coupons, promo codes on your website and keep updated. To start with WordPress you need a web hosting to store your information and files, so you start coupon website with Hostings like Hostinger, Bluehost, A2 Hosting or any other.

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Unique Features of Cuelinks Affiliate Network

1. Cuelinks:- They will provide you with a Javascript code and you have to install that code on your website’s header tag, after that it will automatically convert your content links into affiliate links and you will earn money.

2.Cuewords:- By using Cuewords you can convert keywords to an affiliate link on a single click, they will monetize your content within seconds and identify most relevant keywords on your content.

3. Cuewidgets:- Cuewidgets scam your content and show most relevant & related ads according to your content, it increases the chances of clicks and this leads to earning more money.

4. Cueapps:- You can also monetize your apps as well as a website with Cuelinks. The Cuelinks SDK is fully mobile optimized and this will show ads on your app and increases revenue.

5. Chrome Extension:- Cuelinks has a Chrome extension will help publishers to generate affiliate link easily.

6. WordPress Plugin:- Cuelinks Affiliate Network has also a WordPress plugin which will help you to use their sevicres if you are a WordPress user.

Referral Program

Cuelinks has a very interesting referral program like EarnKaro. If you refer someone and they sign up using your link, you will receive 25% of what they make on Cuelinks for 3 months. The bad thing about Cuelinks Referral Program is they pay referral fees only for the first 3 months, but EarnKaro pays lifetime referral fees if you refer someone to use Earnkaro.

Customer Support

Cuelinks has both phone support and email support. Phone support is available only on working hours, They will assign you an account manager, if you need any help directly call your account manager they will resolve your query. You can also reach cuelinks customer support team via email.

Customer Support Email:-


Cuelinks is an Indian affiliate network and it is used & trusted by many Indian Bloggers & YouTubers. This affiliate network has more than 600 advertisers like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio. Affiliate marketing in India is very easy with Cuelinks, so you can join Cuelinks now and start making money online in 2023.

I hope this article helped you to know about Cuelinks Affiliate Network, Please share it on Facebook and Twitter to help others.

What are the alternative of Cuelinks Affiliate Network?

Ohh why you are searching for an alternative while you can earn from Cuelinks, if you face any problem with this network you can join alternatives. EarnKaro, Admitad are the best alternatives of Cuelinks.

What is the minimum withdrawal threshold of Cuelinks

Minimum withdrawal threshold of Cuelinks Affiliate Network is only 500 INR, you have to earn minimum Rs.500 as affiliate fees to transfer it to your bank account.

How much you can earn from Cuelinks

You can earn as much as you can, join many affiliate progams and increase earnings. There is no capping limit to earn money from Cuelinks affiliate network.

Hey, I am Keshab Chandra Behera an Indian Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and YouTube Personality based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

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