Google Adsense Mistakes You Should Avoid & Keep Adsense Safe

Before using Google Adsense you Should Know about these Adsense mistakes and you should always keep your Adsense account safe you earn money online with AdSense regularly.

Some new give bloggers make AdSense mistakes and try to make more money and eventually google banned their Adsense account due to these AdSense mistakes. There are many ways to increase AdSense earnings but you should never try to cheat google unless your Adsense account will be banned.

If your AdSense account has been disabled due to these Adsense mistakes and policy violation then google doesn’t allow you to create another Adsense account. To create a new Adsense account first you need to delete that disabled Adsense account unless google will show a double Adsense account error. Earlier I published a blog post on how to delete disabled Adsense account easily.

Nowadays it’s very tough to get Adsense approval. So once you got Adsense approval on your blog you have to keep it safe to earn money from your blog through Adsense. Earlier I shared some checklists for AdSense approval in 2023, you can need that blog past for a quick Adsense approval guide.

Before using Google Adsense on your blog you need to understand, what is google Adsense? how it works? and how we receive payment from google Adsense. You can read this Adsense glossary to understand AdSense and properly optimise for your blog to boost earnings.

Google Adsense Mistakes

Now jump to the checklist. I am going to share a list of 14 Google Adsense mistakes. You need to avoid these Adsense mistakes and follow Adsense policy guidelines to receive payment regularly from Google AdSense. Below I am sharing a list of AdSense mistakes newbie blogger do, you should stay away from these.

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1. Invalid Traffic

Many beginner bloggers try to drive cheap quality traffic to their blogs to increase Adsense revenue. When you send unrelated traffic the user will not stay on the webpage. Many bloggers manipulate Facebook users and send them to websites, It is counted as invalid traffic because the visitors will not stay on your web page.

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Sometimes newbie bloggers purchase website traffic online to boost Adsense earnings. Actually, website traffics are bot traffic and Google can identify it very easily. Bot traffics are invalid traffic and Google may suspend your Adsense account. Follow Google’s quality traffic guidelines before you drive paid traffic to your blog.

2. Violated Niche

Sometimes newbie bloggers change their blog’s niche to illegal content like movie downloading, pornography etc. Adsense will not approve your website if it has downloaded content, illegal content and doesn’t follow Adsense guidelines. But some bloggers create blogs on a topic and get Adsense approval and then change their blog niche to a violated niche.

You will earn money from Adsense after changing your niche to a violated niche but you will never receive payment from Google Adsense.

Don’t try to be over smart and try to cheat Google. Google is very smart and will identify this and will block your Adsense account.

3. Multiple Adsense

According to Google Adsense policy, a person can have only one Adsense account. If you have more than one Adsense account. If you have more than one Adsense account then both of the accounts will be banned by Google. Firstly Google will not approve your second Adsense account, but some users manage to bypass this and create many Adsense accounts.

If you manage to create more than one Adsense account, you can’t use them because you have verified your tax information to receive payment.

You can create an Adsense account for your family members but there should be one Adsense account per person. So never create more than one Adsense account under the same name. It is not an Adsense it’s simply a violation of Adsense policy.

4. Follow Adsense Policy

Google Adsense has a very strict policy. You should always read and understand the terms & policies of Adsense before getting started. If you have doubts can write an email to Google or ask in the Adsense support community to get answers.

Not following Google Adsense policies can be the last Adsense mistakes as Google ban Adsense accounts which don’t follow policy.

5. Altering Ad code

Google Adsense is very clear about the ad code-altering policy. The ad code and search code should never be edited. Ad code alteration affects the ad targeting and conversion for advertisers. The ads should be titled with ‘Advertisement’ or ‘Sponsored link’.

6. Email with Ads

Some newbie publishers send emails with embedding Adsense ad codes to earn more. It’s against Adsense policy to send Adsense ad code embedded in an email. If Google finds out that an impression came from an email then your Adsense account may be disabled permanently. Sending emails with embedding Adsense mistakes and you have to say goodbye to Adsense. So never try these silly things to cheat Adsense.

7. Click farming

Stay away from click farming if you want to keep your Adsense account safe. Publishers should say no to bot traffic while running Adsense ads on their blogs. Many newbie bloggers purchase bot traffic and start click farming. Google uses machine learning to identify non-human traffic. So if you try to generate revenue in Adsense with click farming then it may end your Adsense journey.

8. Placing Too Many Ads

You can always use Adsense ads with another ad network and place much Adsense code on a single page but you have to keep a distance between ads. Ads should not overlap each other it’s against Google Adsense policy.

Apart from this, placing many ads will create a bad user experience which will end up in a loss in website traffic. Many newbie bloggers place more ads on a web page in the hope to increase revenue but it may impact your revenue negatively so take care of it.

9. Placing Ads on Perticular pages

Google Adsense doesn’t encourage ads on certain web pages of your website such as contact us page, 404 error page etc.

  • Privacy policy
  • 404 error page
  • Blank page
  • Terms & conditions
  • Disclaimer page

You should place Adsense ads on pages which has minimum user activity.

10. Duplicate content

After Adsense approval, some newbie bloggers start copying from other websites & forums. But if you copy others’ content and publish it on your website then your content will not rank and you may get DMCA penalty.

Publishing duplicate content on your blog and using ads is against Adsense policy so you should avoid it.

11. Paid Advertising

If your website doesn’t get a decent amount of organic traffic and you always send traffic through paid advertising then it may be harmful to your Adsense account.

Some bloggers drive traffic through paid advertising from cheap websites like pornography websites etc. You drive traffic from cheap websites and earn money by showings ads, it’s called ads arbitrage. When you drive traffic through paid advertising you should follow Google policy.

12. Unsupported language

Adsense approves showing ads in some limited language only. But some bloggers write content in Adsense-supported language. After getting Adsense approval they simply change the blog language and start publishing in non-supported language.

Don’t try to cheat Google by changing the content language after Adsense approval, unless your Adsense account will be closed permanently.

13. High CPC Keyword Stuffing

Although keyword stuffing is not useful for SEO in 2023. But many bloggers are doing high CPC keyword stuffing to boost Adsense earnings. Add high CPC keywords to the website unnecessarily and drive traffic through paid advertising. It is not safe for your Adsense so stay away from keyword stuffing.

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Adsense Friendly Theme

There are many WordPress themes to use in 2023, some of them are free and some of them are paid. WordPress themes are designed for particular purposes. So choose the WordPress theme which is best suitable for your blog and is Adsense friendly. There are some Adsense-friendly WordPress themes which are well-optimized. It’s not a big concern for Adsense but Adsense friendly theme can boost your earnings.

Keep Your Adsense Safe

One person can open only one Adsense account and if Google bans their Adsense account the user never can open a new Adsense account. The user will always get already have an Adsense account error and they also can’t use the existing Adsense account.

So keep your Adsense account safe to earn money online for the long term. Although there are tricks to delete disabled Adsense accounts and create new ones. But you should always stay away from invalid traffic, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, click farming, and violated niches to keep your Adsense account safe.

Keep Adsense safe from invalid traffic, sometimes your website haters send invalid traffic to your website. The simple solution is you have to monitor your Adsense account and turn off ads if page views start increasing suddenly, if your Adsense CTR is more than 10% and if your blog is getting huge direct visits suddenly.


    1. What are the rules for Google Adsense?

      Google Adsense has certain policies, you have to follow to use Adsense, such as:

      • Don’t boost clicks artificially
      • Don’t create more than one Adsense account
      • Don’t display more ads than content
      • Don’t ignore webmaster quality guidelines
      • Don’t drive invalid traffic

    2. What are invalid clicks in Adsense?

      Invalid clicks are those ad clicks which was intentionally clicked by you or your friends just to get more revenue. These ad clicks are not natural, Google can detect it very easily and will ban your Adsense account.

    3. Is it safe to use Adsense alternatives?

      Yes, it is totally safe to use Adsense alternatives like Ezoic, etc. You can only Adsense alternative ads or show Adsense ads as well as Adsense ads to generate more revenue.


    You should always stay away from these Adsense mistakes. Never drive low-value bot traffic, never try to cheat Google Adsense, never do high CPC keyword stuffing, never create multiple Adsense accounts and never publish violated niches and unsupported language. Avoid these Adsense mistakes and always follow policies to make money online in a long run.

    Thanks for reading this blog post completely, I hope this was helpful for you to know about some Adsense mistakes beginners do and that you should avoid. Kindly share it with others on your social media.

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