How To Add FAQ Schema in Blogger Post Easily in 2023

Hey, guys do you want to know how to add FAQ schema in Blogger posts in 2023?

If your answer is ‘YES’ then you have landed on the right page. Today in this blog post I will share a step-by-step guide on how to add FAQ schema in Blogger easily in 2023.

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You can add two types of FAQschema in Blogger posts. Normal FAQ & accordion FAQ. I will guide you on how to add FAQ schema in Blogger posts and how to add accordion FAQ schema block in blogger posts.

When you have FAQ schema in Blogger post it will improve rankings in SERP, more keywords can be added to your blog post and it has many more benefits.

It is very easy to add FAQ schema in WordPress but it’s quite difficult to add FAQ schema in Blogger. But don’t worry about it, I will share a full tutorial on how to add FAQ schema in blogger easily in 2023. You can follow this tutorial and add FAQ schema in blogger very easily.

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What is FAQ Schema Markup?

Before adding faq schema in blogger you need to understand what is faq schema markup.

FAQ schema markup is a type of structured data markup that can be added to a web page’s HTML code to provide information about frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

When search engines like Google crawl a page with FAQ schema markup, they can extract and display the questions and answers in a more prominent and user-friendly way in the search results. This can improve the visibility and click-through rate of your website in search results, as well as provide users with helpful information before they even click through to your website.

The FAQ schema markup uses a specific format to organize the questions and answers, which includes the question text, the answer text, and potentially additional elements such as an author, date, and URL. It can be implemented using various methods, such as JSON-LD, Microdata, or RDFa.

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Benefits of Adding FAQ in Blogger

Adding FAQ schema markup can improve the user experience, increase visibility and clicks, and potentially improve your website’s search engine rankings. There are many other benefits to adding FAQ schema markup to your website, including:

1. Increased visibility in search results: Adding FAQ schema markup can help your website’s FAQ content appear more prominently in search results. Google may display your FAQ content as a rich snippet, which can increase your website’s visibility and attract more clicks.

2. Enhanced user experience: By adding FAQ schema markup, you can help users find the information they need more quickly and easily. The FAQ schema can be displayed in an expandable format, which allows users to view all the questions and answers without leaving the search results page.

3. Improved click-through rate: A more prominent and user-friendly display of your FAQ content can attract more clicks from users who are looking for answers to their questions. This can lead to more traffic to your website and potentially more conversions.

4. Improved search engine rankings: By making it easier for search engines to understand the content and structure of your FAQ page, you may improve your search engine rankings. This can result in more organic traffic to your website.

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How To Add FAQ Schema in Blogger

Till now you have understood the benefits and importance of adding FAQ in Blogger in 2023. Blogging is getting competitive day by day so you should do everything you can do to improve SEO, Below I am sharing steps to add FAQ in Blogger, follow these steps and add FAQ schema easily in blog posts.

STEP1:- Generate FAQ Schema

Go to the FAQ schema generator tool and add your questions 7 answers manually (as shown in the screenshot)

Generate FAQ schema for Blogger post

STEP 2:- Add FAQs in Blogger

Click on HTML views and paste the question & answers in the below format (as shown in the screenshot) at the end.

  <summary>Question 1</summary>
   <div class="$(function(AT-FAQ)">
    <p>Answer 1</p>
  <summary>Question 2</summary>
   <div class="$(function(AT-FAQ)">
    <p>Answer 2</p>
  <summary>Question 3</summary>
   <div class="$(function(AT-FAQ)">
    <p>Answer 3</p>
  <summary>Question 4</summary>
   <div class="$(function(AT-FAQ)">
    <p>Answer 4</p>
Add FAQ in Blogger post

STEP 3:- Add FAQ schema

Paste FAQ schema code after FAQs (as shown in the screenshots) in the HTML section of blog post.

Add FAQ schema in Blogger post

STEP 4:- Validate FAQ schema

Google rich result test

Now you have to check wheater this FAQin blogger is added properly or not. First, visit Google’s rich result testing tool and paste the code inside the code editor and it will show you if the page is eligible for rich results or not. Alternatively, you can enter your URL and check wheater FAQ schema is working or not.

How To Add Accordion style FAQ in Blogger

If you want to add an accordion-style FAQ in Blogger instead of displaying plain text then you have to add some CSS to your Blogger template. You can watch this video below and follow the steps as shown to add accordion style FAQ in Blogger easily in 2023.

Download HTML & CSS code

Paste this CSS code inside your Blogger template. when you change the template you have to add this CSS again to show the accordion FAQ block in Blogger posts.


FAQ schema has huge benefits & important for both users and search engines. When you add FAQ in your blogger post your content will be long which will increase engagement. It’s easy to add FAQ schema in Blogger in 2023, you can also add an accordion FAQ block in Blogger. Adding FAQ schema markup to your Blogger website can help you to provide more information to search engines and display your content more prominently in search results. You should always add FAQ in blog posts to improve performance.

Do FAQ snippets work on mobile?

Yes, FAQ snippets work on both mobile and desktop devices.

Which structured data is better JSON-LD or Microdata?

According to John Mueller (Google webmaster trend analyst), JSON-LD markup is the best-structured data tool in 2023.

Does FAQ block in Blogger help for rankings?

When you add FAQblock in Blogger posts it will increase your website CTR and Google will rank your FAQs in search results and drive more traffic.

Should you add many FAQ blocks in a single Blogger post?

No, you should not add more than one FAQ block in a single blog post, it’s against Google schema guidelines. But you can add many questions & answers in that FAQ block.

How to validate FAQ schema?

To validate FAQ schema markup and check wheater its working properly or not you have to visit Google rich results test tool then enter the URL and check.

Thank you for reading this blog post completely, I have tried my best to guide you to add FAQ schema block in Blogger and its benefits. I hope this was helpful for you to add FAQ in Blogger post in 2023. KIndly share it with others on your social media.

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