How To Delete Disabled Adsense Account Easily & Create new in 2023

Do you know guys you can delete disabled Adsense account very easily in 2023 and create a new account? As per Google policy, one person can only create only one Adsense account and if an Adsense is banned by Google then it is not possible to recover.

When Google ban your Adsense account you can’t log in to it and can’t use it. If you try to create another Adsense account in your name then Goole will show you an ‘already have Adsense account with’ error.

So how to create another Adsense account if Google close your Adsense account. There is a way to delete disabled Adsense account without login. Here I will share a step-by-step guide on how to delete disabled Adsense account easily.

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I was just started using Google Adsense and trying to increase revenue through unethical ways and money was also increasing in my Adsense account. But one day suddenly I received an email from the Adsense team.

Google Adsense Account disabled

My Adsense account was disabled due to invalid click activity. And I appealed for account reactivation but they rejected it. I was shocked, about what to do and how to create a new Adsense account. After some time I found a way to delete disabled Adsense account and create a new account in my name.

Why Google Close Your Adsense Account?

Google will never share accurate reasons why they ban your Adsense account. In most of cases, Google closes your Adsense account when your blog receives invalid traffic. Many newbie bloggers try to earn more by clicking on their own ads, by using click farming and by trying to cheat Google. But Google is very smart it will identify invalid activity on your Adsense and will close your Adsense account.

Earlier, I shared some Adsense mistakes newbie bloggers do, you should avoid keeping your Adsense safe. Prevention is better than cure so don’t try to cheat Google and take care of your Adsense.

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How To Appeal to Google Adsense

When Google disable your Adsense account you will receive a mail stating ‘your Adsense account has been disabled’. On that email, you will get an appeal form. If you think it was a mistake of Google Adsense and you have not done any invalid activity then fill out this form and appeal Google Adsense team to reactivate your Adsense account.

Explain your issue properly so it will be easy to understand for the Adsense team. If Google finds you correct then they will activate your Adsense account. And if Google finds that you had done an invalid activity to increase revenue then they will never activate your Adsense account again. Now you have to first delete this disabled Adsense account and create a new one.

Adsense appeal email

I had also appealed to activate my Adsense account but they rejected my request. After some days you will also receive an update from the Adsense team.

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How To Delete Disabled Adsense Account

Below I am sharing how to delete disabled Adsense account easily. I have added screenshots with steps to delete disabled Adsense account just follow these steps to close disabled Adsense.

Keep in mind that deleting an Adsense account is a permanent and irreversible process.

If your Adsense is active then it is very easy to close just login to your Adsense dashboard go to profile section and click on close option then follow emails.

When your Adsense account is disabled you can’t login to it, so follow these steps to delete your disabled Adsense account.

STEP 1: Remove other Gmail accounts from the browser and log in to your Adsense-disabled Gmail.

STEP 2: Log in to the Gmail of disabled Adsense and click on the menu option on the right side.

Easy steps to delete Adsense account

STEP 3: Click on the payment & subscription tab on the left side.

Easy steps to delete Adsense account

STEP 4: Click on manage payment methods

Click on manage payment methods in Adsense

STEP 5: Scroll down and click on close payment profile (as shown in screenshots)

Click on close payments profile in Adsense

STEP 6: Read the reminder and click on the close profile button

Close Adsense permanently

Follow these steps to delete disabled Adsense account permanently.

You have closed your Google payments profile

After a couple of minutes, you will receive an email from Google confirming your Adsense account has been deleted permanently. For more help to delete a disabled Adsense account permanently you can watch this video.


Guys always follow Adsense guidelines and stay away from shortcuts to increase Adsense revenue. There are authentic & ethical ways to increase Adsense revenue you can try. But don’t do invalid activity on your Adsense unless Google may ban your Adsense account permanently. If your Adsense has been disabled then follow this blog post to delete disabled Adsense account, And then create a new Adsense account very easily.


  1. My Adsense account is banned, will I receive payments?

    If Google has banned your Adsense account then you will not receive payment. But you can appeal to reactivate Adsense account and if Google activate your Adsense account then you will receive payments.

  2. Why my Adsense account was disabled?

    If your Adsense account is disabled, then its sure you have received an email clarifying why your Adsense was closed. In most of cases Google bans your Adsense account due to invalid activity and click farming.

  3. My Adsense is disabled how to create a new one?

    If your Adsense is disabled and you try to create a new one then Google will show already have Adsense error. To create a new Adsense account first you have to delete your old disabled Adsense account.

  4. How to close disabled Adsense account?

    I know you can’t login to disabled Adsense account to close it. But you can login to your Gmail and go to payment profile to close disabled Adsense account permanently.

Thank you guys for reading this blog post completely, I hope this was helpful for you to delete disabled Adsense account permanently. Kindly share it with others on your social media.

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