How To Increase AdSense Earnings Easily in 2023 (Increase Adsense CPC)

Hey guys do you want to know how to increase AdSense earnings in 2023 easily? There are various ways to boost AdSense earnings in 2023.

Many bloggers just with Google AdSense revenge and they have no idea that they can earn additional revenue from their blog by using other ad networks. You can also increase AdSense earnings with same traffic. Now you may think is it really possible to increase AdSense earnings and increase AdSense CPC.

There are various ways to increase AdSense earnings, I will share a detail step by step guide on how to increase AdSense CPC and increase AdSense earnings in 2023. So to know more you need to read this blog post completely. I am sure that after reading this blog post you will be able to increase AdSense earnings in 2023 very easily.

How To Increase AdSense Earnings

We start blog, write content and drive traffic to earn money online. Many bloggers just depend only on Google AdSense, they monetize their blog with Google AdSense only. But do you know you can increase your earnings from same blog by increasing AdSense CPC and by adding other ad network ads. Here today we will focus only on how to increase AdSense CPC, what are the tweaks to increase to increase AdSense CPC and boost AdSense earnings.

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Earlier, I had published an blog post on “Best AdSense alternatives” on our website you can read. You should definitely try other ad networks which will help you to boost earnings from your blog.

Switch To Ezoic

Ezoic is more than an ad network and it works like an AdSense earnings booster. Ezoic has partnered with more than 1300 ad networks like Google AdSense. Ad networks in Ezoic will compete and high paying ads will be shown on your blog. Ezoic will show AdSense ads as well as other ad network ads on your blog.

By using Ezoic you can increase your ad revenue up to 60%. I am using Ezoic since 2020 on this website and earning more than AdSense. You can try Ezoic for sometimes if find it helpful then continue unless stop. I have shared my Ezoic invite link below you can visit and proceed further.

Drive Quality Traffic

Your AdSense earnings depend upon who is visiting your website, what is their spending power, from which location they are. If majority of website traffic of your blog is from tier one countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia then you will earn more as compared to other country.

Sometimes we drive low quality traffic to our blog from social media which is useless. You need to send quality visitors to your blog which will help you to increase AdSense earnings in 2023.

Use Responsive Template

Always use responsive template and theme because template may block ads, break layout sometimes and eventually your ad revenue will decrease. Sometimes you have seen on some websites only ads are shown and content is below and not easy to navigate. This will create bad user experience which will eventually result loss in ad revenue. So you should always use responsive template & theme for your blog.

How To increase AdSense CPC

To increase your AdSense earnings in 2023 you have to focus on how to increase AdSense CPC. Now I am going to share some tips to increase AdSense CPC in 2023.Adsense CPC is the amount you get if an user click on an ad on your website. CPC stands for Cost per click. CPC is the amount per click on ads on your website. AdSense CPC depends upon visitors location, spending power, blog niches etc. To increase AdSense CPC you can simply target to reach tier one countries and write content on high CPC niches.

Choose Niche

Yes, it’s true AdSense CPC depends on your blog niche. Entertainment category has lowest CPC while financial and educational niches have good CPC rate. As per my experience if your blog niche is on finance, crypto and investment etc then you can get up to $20 CPC. Once I had got a $18 CPC on this website on blogging, digital marketing niche.

So if you want high AdSense CPC then work on quality niches. Below I am sharing some high CPC niches you can work and increase AdSense revenue in 2023.

  • Personal finance
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain
  • Investing
  • Credit card
  • Loan
  • Real estate
  • Education
  • Digital marketing

Block low CPC ad category

In Google AdSense account dashboard you can find allow block ads. You can check how much each ad category is paying you. Here you can see different ad categories shown on your website.

Block ads in Google Adsense

If you find an ad category is not paying much then you can block these categories. After blocking these low earning ad categories high CPC ads will be shown on your website. Although which ads are shown on your website are decided from visitors history and niche of your blog etc. You can’t expect high CPC ads on an entertainment category blog.

Ad Placement

Ad placement plays a vital role to increase AdSense earnings. If you have added ads after content only then there is very low chances of ad click. So place ads on that place where users can see while reading content on your website. Also you have to keep in mind about user experience. Don’t just place unnecessary ads everywhere because it may impact negatively. Ezoic helps you to increase ad network by using AI ad placeholders, means at Ezoic an A.I decides ad placement which helps to increase ad revenue.

Target Country

As earlier I had already shared that you will earn more ad revenue from your blog if readers are from tier one countries like UK, USA, Canada and Australia. So if you target tier one country audience then definitely your AdSense CPC will increase. Try to write content for tier one countries audience which will help you to increase AdSense earnings in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase AdSense earning per click?

To increase AdSense earning per click you have to choose high CPC niche, target tier one country audience and block low paying ad categories. This way you can increase AdSense earnings per click in 2023 very easily.

How to boost AdSense earnings in 2023?

It is very easy to boost AdSense earnings in 2023. Target tier one country audience, choose high paying niche. If you simply want to increase your ad revenue then switch to Ezoic which will pay you up to 60% more than AdSense.

How to earn money on AdSense?

Integrate AdSense code on your website and ads will be shown on your website, If your readers click on an ad you will get paid which is called CPC. And you will also get paid for showing ads on your website.

When AdSense pays in India?

Adsense pays in India on 21st of every month. And payment will be credited in your bank account within 4-5 days.


There are many bloggers who are struggling to increase revenue from their blog. In this blog post I have shared tweaks to increase AdSense and how you can boost AdSense earnings in 2023. I hope this blog post was helpful for you to increase AdSense earnings. Kindly share it with others on your social media.

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