How To Join Flipkart Affiliate Program in 2023 Easily ( Pros & Cons)

Flipkart Affiliate Program is one of the popular affiliate programs in India and most of the Indian Affiliate Marketers do Flipkart affiliate marketing to make huge money.

Flipkart affiliate program is a very famous affiliate program like Amazon affiliate program, Myntra affiliate Program and PayTM Affiliate Program etc.

Are you searching how to join Flipkart Affiliate Program? Here today I will guide you step by step to join the Flipkart affiliate program very easily.

Flipkart is a very big eCommerce store in India with its massive range of products and services across numerous categories like electronics, fashion, home décor, baby care, gaming, books, automobile, sports and more. so you can just imagine how much you can earn with Flipkart affiliate marketing. You can earn huge money with the Flipkart affiliate program, many affiliate marketers are earning more than 50-60K rupees per month by promoting Flipkart products.

Varieties of products available on Flipkart, starting from Electronics, Garments, Toys, Grocery etc. You can earn huge money by just promoting Flipkart products, you can earn affiliate fees up to 18% with Flipkart. There are also some problems with Flipkart affiliate program which I will also cover in this article.

Easy Steps To Getting Started with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing:

  • You can do Flipkart affiliate marketing directly or through any affiliate network like EarnKaro, Cuelinks etc.
  • Create a Flipkart affiliate account directly or join an affiliate network
  • Create an affiliate link of Flipkart product
  • Promote products on your Blog/Website, YouTube channel etc.
  • People purchase from your link you will get a commission
  • Commission get confirmed once the return date is over
  • Share your bank details
  • You will receive payments in your bank

What is required to start Flipkart affiliate Marketing

To start Flipkart affiliate marketing you need a website and mobile number etc. I have listed below what you need to join Flipkart affiliate program. It is very important to share your traffic details to join any affiliate program, it means where will you promote their products. So you need a website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram profile to join an affiliate program. Approval or rejection totally depends upon them, if they think your traffic source is okay then definitely they will approve your application. If you have a good website/blog with good traffic then definitely you will get approval to join the affiliate program of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc.

You just need these to start affiliate marketing with Flipkart India

  • One email id to communicate
  • One mobile number
  • Website, Blog, Application Social media traffic
  • Bank details to receive payment (Passbook or cancelled cheque)
  • PAN card

Joining Flipkart affiliate program directly was paused from May 2018. but recently Flipkart started a waiting list to join Flipkart affiliate program. You can fill the form if you are interested in joining the Flipkart affiliate program directly unless you can do Flipkart affiliate marketing with the help of any affiliate network. Very soon you will be able to create an affiliate account on Flipkart directly.

Please note, only a joining list is open for Flipkart affiliate marketing, you can not create an affiliate account with Flipkart now, but now you can do Flipkart affiliate marketing with the help of EarnKaro, Cuelinks, Admitad or any other affiliate network.

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Today, I will share some best affiliate networks with which you can join Flipkart affiliate program.

Flipkart Affiliate Commission

Commission structure of Flipkart affiliate changes regularly, you can check the Flipkart affiliate commission from your affiliate dashboard, if you have joined through any affiliate networks then you can check the affiliate commission chart with them. Affiliate commission is different from category to category, on electronics it is low and on garments, it is very high. By selling fashion products you can earn much more. You can earn up to 18% commission per sale by doing affiliate marketing with Flipkart.

And there is a capping limit on your earning, it defers from one affiliate to another. it depends upon your previous performance, if you perform well then they will increase your capping limit. Below you can see the commission structure and capping limit of Flipkart for the month of October 2020.

Flipkart affiliate commission

If you become an affiliate of Flipkart directly then you can earn much more and if you join through any affiliate networks then you will get a lower commission rate.

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Flipkart Affiliate Registration

Flipkart had paued the new registration to join their affiliate program from May 2018. Recenly, from October 2020 Flipkart has opened the joining list to join heir affiliate program.

Now, here is no option for you to create an afiliate account with Flipkart directly but very soon you will be able to create a new account and start Flipkar affiliate marketing.

To get early access when Flipkart affiliate registration is open just visit their website ( and fill the form to join the waiting list.

Flipkar affiliate program registation

Very soon you will be able to create your affiliate account start affiliate marketing with Flipkart. To get early access you need to fill this form, provide your all details correctly. You can see the joining list form below.

Flipkart affiliate signup form

Fill this form with the correct information, Fill your name, email, mobile number, website, app details carefully. Fill the waiting list form and you will be invited first to their affiliate program when they open up registration.

Best Affiliate Networks

Now I will guide you step by step how you can be a Flipkart affiliate now with the help of some affiliate networks and I will show you some trusted affiliate networks to start affiliate marketing, I am also using these affiliate networks.

Some best affiliate networks are EarnKaro, Cuelinks, Admitad to start Flipkart affiliate marketing.


EarnKaro is a very simple and easy way to start affiliate marketing of Flipkart. You do an affiliate marketing of Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Amazon and many more retailers with the help of EarnKaro, so join now and start affiliate marketing.

Either you can you use EarnKaro website or App to create affiliate link of Flipkart products. It is very easy to promote Flipkart products through EarnKaro.

EarnKaro Flipkart affiliate

You will get a slightly lower commission as compared to the direct affiliate program of Flipkart.

To create an affiliate link of Flipkart product, just copy the link of any product and find “Make Links” on EarnKaro app or website then paste the product link and click on Make Profit Link. Now you will get the affiliate link of that product/page, share this with others and you will get a commission when anyone shop from your affiliate link.

CommissionChanges regularly,
check on your app
Account approval timeInstant, approval not needed
Tracking timeUp to 72 hours
Cookies time24 hour

To see the commission structure of Flipkart on EarnKaro just click on Profit Rates on the app or website, you can find the affiliate fee ate of Flipkart and others.

With EarnKaro mobile app you can earn 40-60K very easily by joining many affiliate program.


Cuelinks is also a very popular affiliate network in India. Many popular bloggers use Cuelinks to join some affiliate program. Through Cuelinks you can join many affiliate programs like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra etc.

Again, Flipkart affiliate commission on Cuelinks is lower than direct affiliate program of Flipkart. Promoting Flipkart products through Cuelinks is very easy, just copy paste work.

Cuelinks has also a Telegram bot which will help you to generate affiliate links, you have to send the link to the bot and the Cuelinks Telegram bot will reply you with the affiliate link.

Share this Flipkart affiliate link and earn when anyone shop from your affiliate link.

Cuelinks don’t have any mobile application, you can use the Cuelinks website only. Creating an account on Cuelinks is very simple and easy.

Cuelinks Flipkart affiliate

To generate affiliate links of Flipkart on Cuelinks, sign in to your CUelinks account, Click on Campaign Explorer and search Flipkart. Now paste the URL of Flipkart page and click on generate link button, it will generate the affiliate link for you.

Here you can also see the commission structure of Flipkart affiliate. Affiliate fees are different over category.

CommissionChanges regularly,
check on your app
Account approval timeInstant, approval not needed
Tracking timeUp to 72 hours
Cookies time24 hour

Allowed/Disallowed Media For Flipkart Affiliate Program on Cuelinks:

  • Text Link – Allowed
  • Banner – Allowed
  • Deals – Allowed 
  • Coupons – Forbidden
  • Cashback – Allowed (Reward Points Only)
  • Email (Text) – Allowed
  • Custom Email (Text) – Allowed
  • Email (HTML) – Allowed
  • Custom Email (HTML) – Allowed
  • POP Traffic – Forbidden
  • Native Ads – Allowed
  • Social Media – Allowed
  • Facebook Ads – Forbidden
  • SEM – Brand Keyword(s) – Forbidden
  • SEM – Generic Keyword(s) – Allowed
  • SEM – Brand + Generic Keyword(s) – Allowed

Now share the link and earn money for all successful sale made via your link.

Thank you for reading this blog post till the end, I hope this helped to join the Flipkart affiliate program in 2023 easily. Please do share this with friends and family.

How Can I become a Flipkart Affiliate

You can become a Flipkart affiliate with some affiliate networks like Cuelinks and EarnKaro. You can not join Flipkart affiliate Program directly since new account registration is paused from May 2018.

Is Flipkart Affiliate Program Closed

No, Flipkart Affiliate Program is not closed yet but you can not create new accounts now, new registration is paused from May 2018. But now you can join Flipkart’s affiliate program by joining some affiliate networks like Cuelinks, Admitad and EarnKaro.

Is PAN card mandatory for Flipkart Affiliate Program

Yes, PAN card is mandatory to receive payments from Flipkart. But if you join their affiliate program through some affiliate networks like Cuelinks and EarnKaro then PAN card is not required for Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Hey, I am Keshab Chandra Behera an Indian Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and YouTube Personality based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

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