How To Join PayTM Affiliate Program Easily In 2023 (Up to 10% Commission)

The Paytm affiliate program is suitable for students and beginners in blogging, With the Paytm affiliate program you can generate good income monthly. It depends on you how many products you promote and what is the conversion rate.

If you target your audience correctly and promote Paytm products, you can earn huge money online.

After joining the Paytm affiliate program, you can promote Paytm products and Paytm mall products and earn a common on every successful sale through your link.

If you want to promote Paytm money then click here to read an in-detail blog post on how to join the Paytm money partner program.

Here, in this blog post, I will share how to join the Paytm affiliate program and earn money online in India.

The PayTM affiliate program allows you to generate income by placing links to PayTM (Paytm mall) products on your website or blog. Each time someone purchases a product by clicking on a link from your website Paytm will give you a commission. If you are interested in making money online and affiliate marketing, then you should join Paytm (Paytm mall) affiliate campaign to boost your online income because PayTM is a very popular and trusted e-commerce website in India.

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How To Join Paytm Mall Affiliate Program

Paytm doesn’t manage its affiliate program directly, it is managed through some affiliate networks, So you can join Paytm affiliate program through some affiliate networks. Below I am sharing the 5 best affiliate networks through which you can be a part of the Paytm affiliate program easily in 2023. You can also promote other merchants’ products on these affiliate networks very easily.

First, you need to create your account on these affiliate networks and then apply for the Paytm affiliate program, once your request is approved you can promote paytm products and earn money online.

1. EarnKaro

EarnKaro may be the easiest way to join Paytm affiliate program in 2023 and earn money online. You can signup on the EarnKaro website or download their app, then create an affiliate link to Paytm and start promoting. You will earn a commission amount each time when a successful sale is counted through your link.

In EarnKaro all affiliate programs are pre-approved, which means you don’t need to wait to get the approval you just have to signup on to their website and start promoting.

It is very easy to start affiliate marketing with EarnKaro, you don’t even need a website to start and you can promote Earnkaro links everywhere like WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram, etc.

2. INRDeals Paytm affiliate

INRDeals is also a very simple way to join the Paytm affiliate program in 2023. Many affiliate programs like Paytm are already pre-approved in INRDeals platform, You have to just signup on INRDeals and start promoting to earn money. Create your account then search Paytm under campaigns and create a link and start promoting.

The minimum withdrawal in is only 10 rupees and you can transfer to a Paytm wallet or bank account, If you signup on this platform through anyone referral link and use their referral code then you will get Rs.50 bonus instantly.

Here I am sharing my referral link and you can use my referral code BLOGSWITCH to get Rs.50 signup bonus instantly.

3. Cuelinks

Cuelinks is a very popular and trusted affiliate network in India. By joining Cuelinks you can promote products of more than 1000 online shopping stores and earn a commission.

First, you need to visit the Cuelinks website and create an account by providing your email, name, and bank details account. Once your Cuelinks account is approved you can search Paytm on campaign explorer and create a link easily. Now it’s time to promote Paytm affiliate links on your website, blog, or on social media, on each successful sale through your link you will earn a commission. You can also promote many other affiliate programs at Cuelinks.

4. Admitad

Admitad home page

You can signup with Admitad to join the Paytm affiliate marketing program. Admitad is an affiliate network chain that has more than 1500 partner brands. This is the biggest CPA affiliate network in India, They are offering free signup for lifetime services, and better support.

First, you need to visit the Admitad website and create your account, they may take up to 48 hours to approve your account. Once your Admitad affiliate account is approved you can apply to join Paytm affiliate program and once it is approved you can promote Paytm products on your blog and earn money on successful sales.

5. Vcommission

Vcommission home page

Vcommission is also a good affiliate network in India that supports Paytm affiliate campaigns. Their user interface is so simple and has a good tracking system. Signup on Vcomission to know more. You can apply for Paytm affiliate program once your Vcommission account is verified and approved.

The minimum payout at Vcommission is only Rs.1000, the good thing is you can promote many other affiliate programs apart from Paytm and reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

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These are the top 5 affiliate networks in India that can help you to join Paytm and Paytm mall affiliate programs in 2023. These affiliate networks are recommended by me and I have used their services. Many other Bloggers and Youtubers are also using these sites for affiliate income, You can check reviews of these affiliate networks before starting.

PayTM Affiliate Commission Fee Structure

PayTM and PayTM mall affiliate commission fee structures are given below. You will earn different amounts of Paytm affiliate commission with various affiliate networks.

Affiliate ChainCommission
CuelinksPaytm mall- up to 1.42%/sale
Paytm- up to 1.12%/sale
Admitad Paytm mall- up to 3%/sale
Paytm- up to 1.5%/sale
Vcommission Paytm mall- up to 2.5%/sale
Paytm- up to 1.99%/sale
EarnKaro Paytm mall- up to 1.50%/sale
Paytm- up to 1%/sale
INRDeals Paytm mall- up to 10%/sale
Paytm- up to 1.5%/sale


Can I register as a Paytm Partner

Yes, you can register as a Paytm partner. To become a Paytm partner you can send an email to Paytm on

Can I join Paytm affiliate program directly

Yes, you can join the Paytm affiliate program directly if and only if your website or youtube channel have heavy traffic. Unless you can join Paytm affiliate program through some affiliate networks like EarnKaro, Cuelinks, and Admitad etc.

How to register as a Paytm Business Partner

To become a Paytm business partner you can contact them via website. After getting approval you can sell products on Paytm mall


Paytm is a very trusted brand in India and has a good user base, many users use Paytm regularly, If you target the right audience correctly and promote Paytm products then you will definitely earn huge money. Paytm affiliate program has the potential to generate income from our blog by promoting products.

The easiest way to join Paytm affiliate program in 2023 is EarnKaro, and you can start even without a website, You have to just signup on EarnKaro website search for Paytm, create a link, and start promoting.

If you want to promote Paytm money and earn money read this blog post on how to become a Paytm money partner in 2023.

Overall, the Paytm affiliate program has a very low commission rate as compared to Amazon India, and Amazon India has more product collection and a huge use base, so if your blog has good traffic then you may join the Amazon India affiliate program too to earn more.

Thank you for reading this blog post till the end, I hope this is helpful for you to join the Paytm affiliate program easily in 2023. Please do share this blog post with others on your social media. If you have any doubts, questions,s or queries related to Blogging, Affiliate marketing, or SEO you can share them with other Bloggers on our Facebook group and Telegram group.

Hey, I am Keshab Chandra Behera an Indian Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and YouTube Personality based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

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