How To Start A Blog in 2020 From Scratch & Make Money

Want to know how to start a Blog in 2020 and make money?

You can start a blog using a CMS or coding, many people don’t coding language and want to start a blog to make money. They can start a blog using a CMS, CMS is a Content Management System where you can add, edit the content of your blog.

How to Start a Blog in 10 Easy Steps:

  • Choose your prefered blogging platform
  • Select a perfect niche as per your interest
  • Buy a perfect domain
  • Choose the best hosting provider
  • Design your blog (you can use some theme)
  • Do keyword research
  • Publish an article and share on social media
  • Index your blog on search engine
  • Promote your blog to Get Instant Traffic
  • Implement ads or join an affiliate network to make money

1. Choose your preferred blogging platform:

There are many content management system but Blogger and WordPress are the two popular CMS.

Blogger is a service of Google and free to use but very limited features available in it, if you want to do more customization in Blogger then you should have coding knowledge. To make very beautiful, well designed and responsive Blog you need you to use WordPress.

WordPress is very customizable, using it you can create a very responsive blog. When you come to use WordPress there are two options and is free to use and you need hosting (server) to store your data, you can buy hosting from A2 Hosting, Siteground or any other hosting provider, you have the freedom to choose a hosting provider with

When it comes to you have no option to choose a Hosting provider and you have to use their hosting service which is very expensive.

My recommendation is to create your blog on and buy hosting from A2 Hosting or Siteground to start a blog in 2020.

If you use WordPress there are many beautiful themes using which you can give a good look to your blog. You can use plugins in WordPress to improve your SEO and styling your blog. Some themes & plugins are free to use while some are paid.

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2. Select a perfect niche as per your interest

Before you start a blog you have to choose a perfect niche in which topic you can provide quality content. Choosing a perfect niche for your blog is a very important and crucial step for your future in blogging.

A niche is the topic that you write about most often, or even exclusively, in your blogs. Basically niche means the topic of your blog, you write content about.

3. Buy a perfect domain

A domain name is an address that you can type in a web browser to visit a website. The domain name is the web address of your website/blog. if a website is your house, the domain name will be its address. Before you start a blog you need a perfect domain.

A domain name should always be unique and should not be shared between two websites, and is a combination of letters or numbers attached with the extension (.com or .org, for example).

For a website, the domain name is also the actual name of the site seen by all the users on the web browser web address and even in Google and other places. You should also choose a domain name as the name of your website/blog, it will help on SEO.

So selecting the right domain will get you one step closer to building your successful website, blog or business; Choosing a wrong domain may create many problems for you.

Here are some tipsto buy a best domain for your website.

  • Do your research:- Start with a few relevant keywords which can be used in your domain. Try to do not add any number or special character and add only alphabets on your domain name. Keep the domain name short and relevant to your website/blog business.
  • Find brandable domain:- The domain should be something that can resonate with your brand. Your domain name should be brandable, unique and creative as it is very important for the online presence and success of your website. You should choose a unique and short domain name which you can make your brand on the internet.
  • Choose the best extension:- The extension of your domain is the most popular, common and popular point of your domain. There are many popular TLD Some are gTLD while some are ccTLD. If you try to target a specific country then you should choose a country-level domain unless you should go with a generic top-level domain (gTLD). Choose the best domain extension before you start a blog in 2020.
  • Avoid EMDs:-  EMD stands for Exact Match Domain. Sometimes Exact Match Domains look like spam. EMDs are very easy to rank on SERP. it’s not a good idea now to go for an EMD. These don’t work now as many abused them, and then Google released an update in 2012 to drop all the spammy EMDs from its search results.
  • Check Trademarked Domain:- By chance If you add a trademark in your domain name, you are putting yourself and your site at risk and may face legal issues for your website/blog, business. So use any free trademark checker tool available on the internet to check trademark before registering your domain name. Check the trademark checker tool before you buy a domain to start a blog.
  • Try to include keywords:- It is not necessary to add keywords in the domain name but if you add your niche related keyword on your domain name then it will be helpful in SEO(Search Engine Optimization). If you add niche related keyword on your domain then it will be helpful and easy to understand about your website, business.

4. Choose the best hosting provider

Hosting is a service where you store data of your website and users access your blog.

Hosting provider provides storage where you store your files, images etc of your website. Performance, downtime etc affects your blog very badly so you have to choose the best web hosting to start a blog.

Never start a blog with some cheap hosting providers (Rs.30/month) because it’s a very important factor in your blog. I recommend you to start a blog with good hostings like A2 Hosting, Siteground, Bluehost or GreenGeeks.

Chose the hosting provider as per your requirements, Here I am sharing some tips which will help you to choose the best web hosting provider for you. Keep these 11 points in your mind while choosing a hosting provider.

  • Reliability
  • Connection
  • Payment
  • Easy Control Panel
  • Features
  •  Server Location
  • Bandwidth
  • Backup
  • Security
  • Support
  •  Reviews

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5. Design your blog

Now its time to design your blog. Choose your blogging platform, I think you will choose WordPress because it’s the most used CMS in the world. Setup WordPress, add Website title, site tagline etc.

Connect WordPress with your Hosting and setup your website/blog. Generate your WordPress Website username and password.

Choose Home page of your blog if you want, it means you can create a separate home page for your website.

You can also create a blog page for your blog, you can set up a custom blog page for your website/blog, your blog posts will be shown under the blog page.

You can design your website with some popular WordPress themes, You can use some WordPress plugins in your Website to add some special looking design.

To change the theme on your WordPress website go to Appearance>Theme. To customize your website go to Appearance>Customize and customize your blog with live preview and publish these setting to your blog.

You can use some free themes and plugins from the WordPress library and many themes have their paid version to use premuim features. Choose the theme as per your need.

6. Do keyword research

Do research about keyword you want to work, find keyword competition, keyword volume etc. It is very important to do keyword research and choose some low competitive keyword for your blog. It is very hard for a new website to rank on high competitive keyword, So do keyword research before you start a blog.

There are many keyword research tools, some of them are fully free to use, some are free to use the basic feature and some keyword research tools are paid.

I have listed below some popular keyword research tool most of the bloggers use.

7. Publish an article and share on social media

Till now you have successfully published your website. Now it’s time to publish your first blog post.

To write a blog post, log in to your WordPress website dashboard (yourdomain/wp-admin) and click on Posts>Add New.

Add title, subtitle and content to your blog post. You can use a page builder to design your blog post if you want.

Publish your first blog post and share it on social media, Sharing your blog post on social media will increase visibility of your blog in the internet.

8. Index your blog on search engine

After publishing first blog post on your blog you need o request the search engine to index yourn blog. You will get traffic to your blog if search engine like Google and Bing index your blog. To index your blog on a seach engine you need to submit sitemap of your Blog/website.

It is very easy to submit sitemap to search engine like Google and Bing, you can simply watch a video on how to submit sitemap. If you are on WordPress then you need a SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or Rankmath etc to submit sitemap.

9. Promote your blog to Get Instant Traffic

Promote your blog to drive instant traffic o your blog. You can run Google Ads, Bing ads, Social media ads or any advertisemetns to promote your blog. A new blog need some time to get indexed on Google so you will get less traffic from Google to your blog, So you need to promote your blog.

You can simply share your blog post with friends on social media that will increase visibility of your blog.

10. Implement ads or join an affiliate network to make money

Basically, we start a blog to make money, there are many differents ways to make money online with your blog. You can can money through sponsored post, promoting affiliate products and showing advertisements.

You can join advertise networks like Google Adsense and to show advertisements on your blog and make money.

You can join affiliate networks related to your niche and make money by promoting affiliate products on your blog.

Thank you for reading this blog post till the end, I hope this helped to star a blog in 2020. Please do share this article on your social media.

Hey, I am Keshab Chandra Behera an Indian Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and YouTube Personality based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

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