Video Marketing Strategies to boost your website traffic

Looking to increase your website traffic? If yes, then you must start using videos in the most effective manner. Yes, you got it right! Professional quality and top-class videos will definitely help you market your products and services.

There are different videos you can use on your business website and on the different social media handles for boosting traffic. But remember, it’s not just important to create videos but presenting them on your site at the right time that actually matters.

Video content is very important for the success of your business online. That’s because more than 88% of people spend their time on websites, including videos. So, here are a few of the most beneficial strategies for video marketing that you can employ and boost traffic on your site.

Use Product Videos for Bringing in Traffic and Increasing Conversions

Reports claim that visitors are 85% more likely to purchase products after they watch videos about the same. So, it works to create short videos highlighting the main advantages and attributes of a product and placing them on a site.

For instance, if you are the owner of a clothing store, instead of simply posting videos of models wearing clothes, use videos to explain the problems your clothing range will solve.

You can produce such videos on your own or use free online video-making and editing tools for creating animated clips. Experiment with new things, and do not be afraid of using your creativity here.

Creating product videos does not necessarily mean shooting or filming. You know there are many videos that are simple repurposed images of products. You can simply put images into cool and super easy templates and then use nice text and transitions along with background music to make your video stand out. As simple as that!

Optimize the Video Landing Page of Your Website

Keep in mind, your landing page will be a complete waste if your prospective buyers are not able to find you. When you incorporate completely optimized and top-quality visual landing

pages in your newsletters, social media posts, and advertisements, it will make your page noticeable and useful.

Hence, it is crucial to make videos that perfectly complement the written content on all your landing pages. You can easily optimize your video landing page by creating short visuals of your products and services in use.

Be clear about the fact that viewers these days are quite busy, and they do not have a lot of time to spend watching a lengthy video. Hence, it works to make short videos because they have high rates of engagement.

Make sure your videos have a CTA, so there’s the reaction from the viewers coming in instantly. Go by the reports, and you will find that 75% of the videos produced online are less than two minutes in length. So, it always works to have short, crisp videos on your site.

Also, work on the loading speed of your website. That’s important because online browsing enthusiasts simply hate websites that are slow to load. They quickly abandon such sites.

Faster loading sites means faster loading videos, and this will surely help you acquire leads in the long run.

Creative Video Content Is a Must

You need to build a video marketing strategy for the brand that will actually work. The strategy where you cannot compromise on the quality and the amount of creativity that goes into making the videos to be posted on your site. Dissimilar to written content or images, videos are something that ignites the emotions of the viewers both visually and audibly.

Take this as an opportunity to catch the audience’s attention instead of dealing with mediocre quality content. No, it is not necessary for you to purchase top-quality equipment or put your money into production.

You must have your eyes and mind on making content where it is the creativity that attracts viewers, increasing conversion rates. This requires a bit of brainstorming. Loom out for the most creative ways of creating content based on the products you are providing.

Do not forget to use colours in your videos but make sure to go for palettes that are pleasing to the eyes. Also, make effective use of sounds for inspiring and exciting the audiences. The use of wit and humour is also important in a video as they are crucial influencers in keeping the viewers coming back to your site for more.

Use Varied Channels for Marketing Your Videos

So, you are in possession of killer visual content that will surely boost your video marketing strategy to great heights. Now what? Your videos will not be fruitful for your business if they do not reach the right audience at the right time.

If you want your audiences to take intended action after watching your videos, make sure to market them on the right platforms. Choosing the perfect video marketing platform will help you create brand awareness and earn the trust of prospective buyers. Ultimately, this will lead to manifold conversions.

Use How-To Videos for Driving Traffic

It is always beneficial to use how-to videos on your site because they catch the viewers’ attention with prime buying intent. The viewers watch such videos because they want to know how a certain product can be useful for them or help them solve a certain problem.

These are basically tutorials that the viewers find informative, interesting, and trustworthy. In fact, about half of the Millenials are of the view that they bought a product after watching tutorials of the same.

So, it makes complete sense to share the uses of your products and services and how they will be able to solve the problems of the viewers. So not have a selling pitch here. Instead, explain to the viewers how they can use your products and services by following certain steps in your video.

The Bottom Line

In summary, video marketing strategies, the right ones, will definitely help you increase traffic on your site. However, for the strategies to actually work for you and your business, you will have to come up with an exhaustive plan highlighting how you would be marketing your videos.

Hey, I am Keshab Chandra Behera an Indian Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and YouTube Personality based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

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